tw for ableism and transphobia in this post heads up

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When was Lady Gaga transphobic and ableist? I’m not disagreeing with you or anything it’s just a question.

she’s said “retarded” before and i wish i had a quote but it’s made me uncomfortable because i don’t like that word. but much more openly offensive, she was in a wheelchair on stage as a “disabled mermaid” or some shit idek??

for her transphobia she’s also used the T word, and if you remember that alter ego shit she pulled, she did a lot of unsafe binding in her photographs, and she said something like “under this i’m actually a lady… i’m really moral and just a nice girl” (not a quote) or some shit that was just???????

yeah idk there’s more like i remember some blackface shit and she used a sari, burqa, and niqab in several separate outfits that weren’t respectful and just


    1. hyenachildren said: I’m pretty sure she’s listed in yourfaveisproblematic
    2. spacephantom said: ya she’s also said “when I look at my photos onstage, I look like such a tranny!” Or something like that lmao
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