PS and i’m sorry i just have to say this

i don’t hate lady gaga

but i don’t praise her every goddamn action

she, in general, is sending a pretty good message

but she’s appropriating and transphobic and ableist and just problematic on several levels

and sometimes i feel like tons of non-gsm people like identifying with her in queer spaces (((like nyc pride haha haha))) because it simplifies things and makes them feel better

but it’s never that fucking simple

"i love the gays"

fuck off

    1. victoryroom said: i mean as long as there is reason to be angry it’s not like i think you should walk around in a rage all the time
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    3. theboywiththepurplesocks said: When was Lady Gaga transphobic and ableist? I’m not disagreeing with you or anything it’s just a question.
    4. spacephantom said: feel u
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