• i don’t actually follow or know bee personally, though i certainly know of her
  • ELAINE is the actual BEST and she writes AMAZING things and i’ve sucked her into tonysteve which is fabulous and i’m excited to see what she does with them even though i am sure the angst will destroy/kill me afjaowiejgoai. also one day in the far and distant future we may possibly finish moulin rouge
  • ANNA oaiwjgiawEOWJE um so idk anna has the tags that cause sobbing the world over also she just makes me feel avengers feels sometimes that are PERFECt and idk i just love the way she thinks. is that a weird thing to notice?
  • DANI! AOFJOWE so dani is another member of the perfect gishwhes team that never was, and if i’m not mistaken that’s how we met???? anyway she has flawless taste in films and just avengers can i say avengers ok because avengers
  • i don’t know jaredassalecki?
  • indiarussia is very familiar (following me?), but i don’t know them really
  • already talked about how much i love iva :)
  • zsmilebomb follows me! but i don’t really know them.
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