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every time i’m reminded you go to nyu i feel both extremely jealous and extremely hopeful that i too will get to go there someday

well good luck! it’s really a good school from what i’ve seen. (plus, honestly, can you beat the location?)

i just hate how so many people kept telling me it was SO far away and that it was ridiculous to go from southern va to nyc.

honestly, the 9-10hr drive is killer (getting up to campus visits has been a bitch, no lie), but if i want to come home on a long weekend it’s a $25 bus ride from the Port Authority to a city near my hometown — not too bad considering how much gas and tolls are.

and for me, it won’t be a culture shock to get out of this small town. hell, it’s a fucking culture shock to STAY here if i’m being honest with myself.

so yeah, definitely don’t be afraid to dream big :)

(just have a backup school because omg i almost had a heart attack because i only had one other top-choice college and that was uchicago and if i didn’t get either of those i would have probably just died because i didn’t know what i’d do. but for me it was hard because i was looking for good french programs with a promising linguistics department)

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      i’m hoping to study costuming and musical theatre and nyu has been one of my top choices even since before i’d decided...
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