I won a $1,000 scholarship today!

I was a semifinalist for the National Beta Club scholarship, and I won one of 221 in the nation (and only seven in Virginia)!

So, basically, this added to my other scholarship earnings and my personal savings means I have covered 46.33% of my tuition, room and board, supplies, and other costs for 2012-2013. (Or, if you like nominal data instead of percents, I have $27,500 of my $59,360. Because NYU is fucking expensive. But hey, I got a nice scholarship from CAS, so I can’t complain too much, I guess.)

    1. symphonysoldiers said: every time i’m reminded you go to nyu i feel both extremely jealous and extremely hopeful that i too will get to go there someday
    2. srslyaubrey said: Congratulations!
    3. thisyearsmodel said: That’s fucking awesome! Congratulations bb! <3
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